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WCU program

The World Class University project is a higher education subsidy program of the Korean government, which invites international scholars who possess advanced research capacities to collaborate with Korean faculty members and establish new academic programs in key growth-generating fields.

With a vision to enhance the competence of Korean universities and nurture high-quality human resources, the WCU project seeks to achieve the two following goals: Enhance national, higher educational and industrial competitiveness in inter-disciplinary fields, Transform Korean universities into world-class research institutions.

Multiscale Mechanical Design

Multiscale system research will focus on developing multiscale mechanical systems with broad applications in energy, environment, materials, and medicine.

The demand for bridging multiple scales and their physical interactions has become necessary in designing next generation of mechanical systems. This program will put forward an enabling approach that will bridge and bring together emerging progress in nano, micro, and meso scale phenomena to designing macro scale mechanical systems.


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