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Thesis Advisory Committee

  • The Committee shall consist of 3 members who are professors or experts in the academic or research fields (including advisory professor, a Chair of the committee.)
  • The Committee needs to be organized within 6th semester after entering in the doctoral program, and within 8th semester after entering in the combined MS/Ph.D., and also needs to be held at the same semester that is organized. (Students who entered in 2012 and therebefore are recommended to organize the committee within the above period, and must submit the organization report of the committee at least 6 months before submitting the thesis.)
  • The Committee shall review the research plan for thesis, advise regarding thesis, advise and approve regarding change of research plan for thesis, and also advise thesis (pre-)examination.
  • The Committee members will be dismissed after submitting the result report of advice for thesis, and they will be appointed as Thesis Examination Committee members.


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