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Leave of Absence Types and Submission Documents

Type Application Period Submission Documents Remarks
Personal Leave of Absence after Tuition Payment : From tuition payment date to before 2/4th week of the total number of lesson weeks

Leave of Absence Before Tuition Payment : From the start of break to before the tuition payment period

Form for Leave of Absence, 1 copy (Print after saving) Complete the application in the SNU Portal mySNU
(Course registration for the particular semester will be cancelled)
Medical From the 2/4th week to before the break (before finals) - Form for Leave of Absence, 1 copy (Print after saving)
- Medical Diagnosis certificate, 1 copy (at least 4 weeks)
Medical certificate given by the head of a general hospital
(Course registration for the particular semester will be cancelled)
Military Enlistment before break : Anytime between 2 weeks before enlistment and break - Form for Leave of Absence, 1 copy (Print after saving)
- Enlistment Notice, 1 Copy (Service Confirmation)
- Industrial facility personnel are to submit confirmation of service within 1 week of transfer. (Conversion to Military Leave of Absence)
(Course Registration Cancelled for the particular semester)
Enlistment after break : Anytime after break (The following semester will be taken as a leave of absence) Credits obtained in the particular semester are recognized.
(Course registration cancellation for the particular semester is not possible)

※ Leave of Absence for Freshmen : Students may apply for leave after their enrolment date (1st March, 1st Sep).

Leave of Absence Duration

Undergraduate 6 semesters Masters 4 semesters
Doctorate 6 semesters Masters/Doctorate Combined 8 semesters
  • eave of absence cannot exceed the given period. When exceeded, the student will be expelled.
    (However, Military Leave of Absence will not be included in the leave of absence duration by the Military Service Laws. Leaves of absence after military service completion will not be recognized as military leave of absence.)

Approved Leave of Absence Period

  • Within 2 semesters (Military leave of absence will be for the duration of service.)
  • After 2 semesters of leave, students who wish to extend their leave duration must submit the application for leave of absence again.
⚠ Failure to submit an extension for leave of absence or reinstatement application will result in expulsion.


Application Procedure

  • SNU Homepage Login (SNU Portal) → Leave of Absence/Reinstatement Login → Write and save the application for leave of absence
  • Medical (childbirth) or Military leave of absence : Submit the application for leave of absence written in the SNU portal to the applicable faculty’s head (Along with the required documentary evidence)
⚠  Students are to take note that failure to submit other necessary documents may result in cancellation of the leave application.


Grade Processing

  • Grades for students taking leave during a semester will have their courses registered for the curriculum processed as cancelled. The cancellation will be automatic, therefore students need not manually cancel.

Payment of Tuition

  • Leave of Absence Before Payment of Tuition
    Students who have submitted their leave of absence application before the tuition payment date need not pay tuition for the following semester.
  • Leave of Absence After Payment of Tuition
    Students approved for leave of absence who have paid their tuition will have their tuition fees processed for succession to the reinstatement semester (Excluding students who have exceeded the regulatory number of semesters).

⚠  Students enlisting after a leave of absence are to submit the service confirmation within 6 months of enlistment to the applicable faculty offices (Processed ad military leave of absence).

⚠  Grade Processing for students on leave : Students approved for leave before the start of break (Including military leave of absence) will have their grades for the registered courses automatically cancelled and students approved for military leave of absence (or for military replacement services) after the break will have their grades for the semester recognized.


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