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SNU Mechanical Engineering's Educational Purpose

SNU Mechanical Engineering's educational purpose is to develop talents within our students to enable them to create new value for the field of Mechanical Engineering. Our engineers are trained to hold leading roles in industry, government, and academia; contributing to society through an in-depth, diverse, evidence-based, and truth-seeking education that aligns with the educational goals of SNU's college of engineering.

SNU Mechanical Engineering's Educational Aims

[01] To develop future-oriented, creative engineers
  • We aim to develop engineers who will grow into leaders with the ability to efficiently adapt to new environments and create creative technologies and policies.
[02] To develop engineers with modern design abilities
  • We aim to develop the ability in engineers to create creative products, machines, systems, and algorithms by educating students in various analysis skills and methodologies using fundamental theorems and systematic engineering design principles.
[03] To cultivate leadership and communication skills
  • We aim to develop engineers with superior leadership and communication skills; our engineers receive instruction and practical experience in scientific writing, oral presentation, and collaborative discussion, along with training in group management and project planning.
[04] To cultivate ethical and social responsibilities
  • We aim to develop ethically and socially responsible engineers who are aware of the influence a research result or a new product can have on society through education in the humanities, society, and culture.
[05] To develop globally competitive talents
  • We aim to develop engineers with the ability to grow into global leaders by educating.


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