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세미나게시판 목록
번호 제목 세미나 날짜
공지 [2021-2 기계산업경영2] 강연 일정 안내 2021.9.8. ~ 12.8.
1792 The 5th SNU-UT Workshop in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal and Fluids) 2021.02.24
1791 [2021-1 ME Seminar] Series on "Fluid Mechanics Seminar" 2021.3.19. ~ 5.28.
1790 [Seminar] Professor Joerg R Seume(Institute of Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics Leibniz Universitaet Hannover), Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity in Turbomachinery: Acoustic Resonance, Acoustic Excitation, and Aeroelastic Damping 2021.01.28
1789 [Seminar] Prof. John K. Eaton (Stanford University), Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Machine Learning to Understand and Model Turbulent Mixing 2021.01.27.
1788 [Seminar] Prof. Seung Woo Lee (Georgia Institute of Technology), Designing Nanostructured Electrodes for High-Performance Energy Storage and Conversion Devices 2021.01.25.
1787 [Seminar] Prof. Kyoo-Chul Park (Northwestern University), Frost Pattern on Macrotextured Surfaces 2021.01.22.
1786 [Seminar] Prof. Jeehwan Kim (MIT), Stackable electronics enabled by freestanding 2D/3D materials 2021.01.13.
1785 [Seminar] Dr. Kyung-Jin Jang (Vice President at Emulate, Inc.), Organs-on-Chips Technology: Applications in Safety Testing for Drug Discovery and Development 2020.12.30.
1784 [세미나] 서정윤 박사 (분당서울대학교병원), Human organ-on-chip systems for the study of biomechanical 2020.12.07
1783 [2020-2 ME Seminar] Series on "Thermal and Energy System" / 한동희 수석연구위원(현대자동차) 2020.12.04


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