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세미나게시판 목록
번호 제목 세미나 날짜
공지 [2021-1 ME Seminar] Series on "Robotics Seminar" 2021.3.30. ~ 5.18
공지 [2021-1 ME Seminar] Series on "Nano/Bio Mechanical Engineering Seminar" (일정변경) 2021.3.18. ~ 5.19.
공지 [2021-1 ME Seminar] Series on "Intelligent Mechanical Systems Seminar" 2021.3.19. ~ 5.14.
공지 [2021-1 기계산업경영1] 강연 일정 안내 2021.3.3 ~ 6.9.
공지 [2021-1 ME Seminar] Series on "Fluid Mechanics Seminar" 2021.3.19. ~ 5.28.
1732 [2019-2 기계공학세미나 "로봇공학특강"] Prof. James Clark (McGill University) 2019-10-31
1731 [Seminar] Naveed Hussain(보잉 R&D 사장), Boeing Research & Technology 2019-10-31
1730 [기계산업경영2] 강석우(배우), 아름다운 여러분과 함께 2019-10-30
1729 [기계산업경영 2] 형원준 사장(두산그룹 CDO), 'Doosan's Digital Transformation Journey' 2019-10-23
1728 [Seminar] Dominic Gorecky(Head of the Swiss Smart Factory), Why Industry 4.0 and Collaboration go hand-in-hand? ?A perspective from Switzerland 2019-10-25
1727 [Seminar] Prof. Luis San Andres (Texas A&M University), Rotordynamics more or less, more and less 2019-10-21
1726 [Seminar] Prof. Jung Tae Lee (Kyung Hee University), Toward the Future of Energy Storage; chalcogen-carbon nanocomposites and multimaterial supercapacitor fibers 2019-10-17
1725 [Seminar] Prof. Seung-Kook Park (Kyung Hee University) - Innovation in training, education, marketing, and communication with beverages using “The Smart Aroma Bottle” 2019-10-17
1724 [Seminar] Dr. Nam Ho Kim (Sandia National Laboratories), Investigation on efficacy of PMI for predicting sooting tendency of various gasoline formulations in a stratified-charge spark-ignition engine 2019-11-12
1723 [Seminar] Dr. Lyle Pickett (Sandia National Laboratories), Advances in spray diagnostics and modeling through the Engine Combustion Network 2019-10-24


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