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In the News 목록
번호 제목 날짜
541 [MEch-SSENGER] Guidebook Production for Mechanical Engineering International Students 2022.06.10
540 MOU signed for the Student Exchange Agreement between SNU ME - RWTH ITA 2022.06.03
539 The launching ceremony of the Research Center Construction Consulting Corporation between SNU ME - ASTU(Ethiopia) 2022.06.03
538 ME research team of prof. Ko Seung Hwan developed electronic skin for temperature control and power generation for underwater workers 2022.05.06
537 Joint research team of prof Kim Ho-Young develop a soft gel actuators can break bricks 2022.04.18
536 Professor Sang-wook Park's research team, Byeong-hwa Park, an integrated master's and doctoral student, won the Best Presenter Award at the AUA-SEGT 2022 International Conference 2022.03.28
535 Department of Mechanical Engineering of Seoul National University College, Sung-hoon Ahn and Hee-jae Park joint research team developed an artificial muscle with shape memory alloy that simulates iris muscle that responds to wavelengths of light 2022.03.28
534 Announcement of list of BK21 outstanding graduate student fellowship scholarship students in the fourth stage of 2022-1 semester 2022.03.28
533 The 1st Hanbaek Scholarship Award Ceremony 2022.03.08
532 Mechanical Engineering Class of 2022 Admission Ceremony 2022.03.08


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