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Biomechanics and its Applications in Mechanical Engineering
  • Academic Year 4
  • Course No. M2794.004700
  • Credit 3
  • 작성자admin.
  • 날짜2020-01-03 02:07:38
  • 조회수659

Various approaches to relate the forces of the musculo-skeleton system and the motion of of a human body are introduces in this course. To this end, anatomical knowledges on the components comprising the musculo-skeleton system, such as bones, ligaments, cartilages, tendons, and muscles are studied. Mechanical behavior of the joints, such as knee, ankle, wrist, and spine joints are studied because they also comprise the musculo-skeleton system. Dynamic analysis is studied to derive the interaction between all these components required for a given motion. As a real practice, students measure a motion using a motion capture camera system and run a commercial program to calculate the joint torques and the corresponding muscle forces which enable the measured motion.



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