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Prof. Yun Seog Lee’s Research Team Published as Back Cover Article of Advanced Electronic Materials
  • Writerhjchoi06
  • Date2021-08-13 09:08:34
  • Pageview43

Research article from a team (Yangho Jeong, M.S., and Hyunjoon Lee, M.S. student) led by Prof. Yun Seog Lee of SNU Dept. of Mechanical Engineering was published in Advanced Electronic Materials volume 7, issue 8 (published August 12, 2021) as the Back Cover Article. The title of the article is “Elucidating Ionic Programming Dynamics of Metal-Oxide Electrochemical Memory for Neuromorphic Computing.”

The paper investigates the mechanisms of ionic movements of a metal-oxide based electrochemical memory device, and proposes the possibility of high-performance neuromorphic computing hardware for neural network-based deep learning computations. The research was funded by the Samsung Science & Technology Foundation. Cover Articles of Advanced Electronic Materials are selected the quality, originality, and relevance of the research.


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