DivisionName & ContactResponsibilities
Administrative Affairs

Kim, Yong In

Bd.301 R.116

* Overall management of undergraduate affairs
* Facility establishment/ maintenance/ repair work  (management supervision)
Educational Affairs

Kim, Bo Hee

Bd.301 R.116

* Corporate accounting budget formulation/execution/management
* Alumni Fund Management
* Support for faculty meetings and events
* General administrative tasks
Computational Affairs

Kim, Bongsub

Bd.301 R.116

* Execution of development fund budget-related tasks
* Management of faculty achievements and excellent Ph.D. thesis awards
* Computer administration, equipment rental and management
* S-Card management
* Graduate admissions, freshman orientation, assignment of laboratories, Open Lab events
Educational Affairs

Kim, Hang Soon

Bd.301 R.116

* Undergraduate admissions and transfer, undergraduate quotas
* Undergraduate and graduate scholarships (on-campus/off-campus /work-study) and student loan
* Undergraduate and graduate school records (leave of absence, resumption of studies, withdrawal, dismissal, registration, etc.)
* Management of graduate student status-related tasks and laboratory representative contact information
* Selection of exchange students from domestic universities (undergraduate)
* Student events (external education, etc.)
* Undergraduate graduation (thesis, graduation ceremony, etc.)
* Kwangaksa (ancient documents preservation office)
Experiments Practice

Park, Kyeong Hwan

Bd.301 R.116

* Purchase and management of goods (including laboratory equipment and infrastructure projects)
* Basic practice guidance (equipment usage, etc.), management of experiment equipment 
* Management of Building 39 (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
* Environmental safety education (undergraduate, graduate)
* Support for club/individual competitions and contest activities
* Property management
* Student locker management and student-related guidance
Educational Affairs

Yoo, Byung-Kyu

Bd.301 R.116

* Curriculum planning, development and adjustment
* Course offering/ scheduling/ management (instructor recruitment, grades, course evaluations, academic warnings, etc.)
* Undergraduate course registration and guidance
* Classroom reservation and complaints handling
* Regulation management
* Change of major, 2nd major (double, minor, etc.)
Educational Affairs

Jo, Ara

Bd.301 R.116

* Faculty personnel affairs
* Faculty evaluation (performance-based payment) and recommendation (committees, awards and penalties)
* Research-related matters (research office (start-up and related), engineering research institute, etc.)
* Faculty overseas travel, short- and long-term (dispatch), and research year professor selection
Educational Affairs

Hyun, Ki Sik

Bd.39 R.B229

* Management of Building 39 (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
* Basic practice guidance (equipment usage, etc.)
* Support for club/individual competitions and contest activities
SNU 10-10 Project

Kim, Min Ah

Bd.301 R.1553

* General management of SNU 10-10 Project
* Faculty public relations tasks, press corps, electronic bulletin boards, news events (including brochures/print materials) 
* Other seminar promotion tasks 
* Support for global-related tasks and external cooperation
* 15th floor faculty conference room environment management, faculty locker management
* Job placement promotion and recommendation

Lee, Ha-Bit

Bd.301 R.116

* General management of BK Business
* BK research scholarship
* BK personnel management
* International cooperation
* Regulation management

Choi, Jin Sil

Bd.301 R.116

* BK national fund management
* Industrial fund management
* Property management
* Promoting

Sa, Mirae

Bd.301 R.116

* BK overhead (indirect cost) management
* Budget formulation and settlement
* Conclusion of research project agreement
* Performance management of research funds and technology transfer