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International Student bulletin board

International Student bulletin board 목록
번호 제목 작성자 날짜
공지 OIA’s COVID-19 Notice Board Admin 2020.03.17
106 [Graduate school] 2021 Fall semester MS/Ph.D. Qualifying exam for thesis submission 김용석 2021.08.04
105 [Graduate School] Applying for Major Group (due by 3.31) 김용석 2021.03.19
104 Class Operation Guide for Spring Semester 2021 권해선 2021.02.09
103 [MUST READ] Undergraduate Curriculum Changes in 2021 권해선 2020.12.29
102 [CoE Office of Academic Affairs] Urgent notice for students taking face-to-face labs/practice-based classes 권해선 2020.05.13
101 [CoE Office of Student Affairs] Urgent notice for all students 권해선 2020.05.13
100 OIA’s COVID-19 Notice Board Admin 2020.03.17
99 [Graduate School] Applying for Major Groups(Due 3/31) 김용석 2020.03.03
98 [Undergraduate & Graduate] 2019 2nd Semester Suicide Prevention Education Simryoung Park 2019.09.27
97 [Undergraduate & Graduate] 2019 2nd Semester Course Withdrawals Simryoung Park 2019.09.27


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