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In the News 목록
번호 제목 날짜
480 STAR Lecture Series - Professor Bradley Nelson, ETHnew 2021.10.23
479 Dr. Soo-Ho Jo from Prof. Byeng Dong Youn’s Lab Receives Best Thesis Award at 2021 KSME CAE & Applied Mechanics Fall Conference 2021.08.23
478 Jaehee Chang from Prof. Haecheon Choi’s Lab Receives Best Paper Award at 2020 KSME Conference 2021.08.20
477 Prof. Ayoung Kim Appointed as Faculty of Dept. of Mechanical Engineering [Maeil Business News] SNU Mechanical Engineering Appoints Female Faculty in 75 Years 2021.08.17
476 Prof. Yun Seog Lee’s Research Team Published as Back Cover Article of Advanced Electronic Materials 2021.08.13
475 [Chosun Ilbo] Prof. Seung Hwan Ko’s Joint Research Team Develops ‘Chameleon Robot’ 2021.08.11
474 [Seoul Economic Daily] Prof. Sung-Hoon Ahn – ‘Operational Monitoring System’ Using Sound to Assess Devices 2021.08.04
473 [SNU Engineering] Prof. Suk Won Cha on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles 2021.07.27
472 Seoul National University College of Engineering Creates the “Heui Jae Pahk Creative Space” to Support Global Startups on Campus 2021.06.17
471 [Seoul Economics Daily] Prof. Min Soo Kim at Seoul Forum 2021 – “Korean Hydrogen Industry Scores at 81… Must Invest in Infrastructure and Nuclear Power” 2021.06.11


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